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Month: October 2013

Are you motivated?

Are you motivated?

Recently, a 9 year old Minnesota boy did the near impossible. He managed to get through 3 layers of government level security, sneak on a commercial airplane and fly to Las Vegas….alone. There’s a ton of outrage over how the airport security has failed us, but is that really the biggest concern? What about this boy? The dad is asking for help. In fact, at the dad’s recent press conference he acknowledged that he’s been asking for help for 5 years. The dad’s concern is that if he spanks the boy he’ll be arrested. If he does nothing he’s a horrible father. Are those the only 2 options?

My advice starts with a question: Do you love your son? If yes, then this love should be your motivation. A motivation to change your reality. There’s something very powerful about doing a little everyday. The power of ‘dripping’ a little time, attention, praise, and peace into the life of your child. I understand that there might be greater issues at work that need to be professionally addressed, however, as a general rule of thumb it’s never too late to ‘lean into’ your kids world and get involved.

“Every action is an attempt to have a need met.” @AdamJonesHHF (tweet this quote)

Recognizing that behavior is an attempt to fill a need, whether it’s hunger, thirst, love, acceptance, etc. this is a point to step in and fill the need. As parents, we need to know that our kids will demand attention. We need to know that that need will be filled by something and we should be there to fill it.

How would you advise this dad? What’s gotten you through some crazy parenting moments?