20 Things You Must Avoid As A Teen or Adult

20 Things You Must Avoid As A Teen or Adult

We should be living our lives without regrets. Going boldly into the day establishing a model for our teens that they can live fully and that an attitude of generosity and learning will take them far. Here is a quick list of 20 things to consider every day of you and your teen’s journey.


Make a great effort to avoid these pitfalls!!

1. Drifting Along

2. Setting a bad example

3. Wasting time

4. Being Selfish (not serve others)

5. Ignore reality

6. Take your family and friends for granted

7. Being Stingy

8. Thinking there will always be tomorrow

9. Making excuses

10. Not replicating yourself (investing in others)

11. Waste your talents

12. Sickness

13. Depression

14. Loneliness

15. Waste your money

16. Not sharing your strengths (yourself)

17. Not taking risks

18. Not chasing your dreams (if you have a job you’ll work everyday of your life, if you have a passion you’ll never work)

19. Not remaining a student

20. Not relying on something greater than yourself (faith)

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